Company Profile

Unisida Europlating

We are a young and dynamic Italian Company, part of a multinational European Group, specialized in the production of technically advanced chemical products and equipment for the surface treatments, such as vibrofinishing, deburring, smothing, polishing and more.

After several successes in the domestic market and with a large available production capacity, applications' sectors such as micro-mechanical and mechanical components (watches, computers, guns & ammunitions etc.), jewellery & precious metals finishing, automotive, marine and avionics components, sinterized and micro-casting finishing, hydraulics, door handles, light alloy wheels and castings, locks and wood parts.

The range of proprietary products is very large and differentiated by the processes applied:
1. Degreasing
2. Deburring
3. Smoothing
4. Polishing
5. Super-polishing
6. Ball polishing
7. Undressing
8. Waste water treatment

For each of the above processes Unisida have developed a specific product range designed to meet the working conditions and the peculiarities of the materials: steel, brass, plastic composites, monel, titanium, cast iron etc.

The equipments provided by UNISIDA are split into two categories:

The technology designed by UNISIDA allows great advantages in the reduction of the sediment as well as in the water recycling. In addition the equipment offers a time reduced process within a limited space: a 50 CM/day equipment is installed in approx. 4 sqm, it is totally automated and wireless controlled for the correction of anomalies and process programming.

These are new generation equipments with extremely fast working cycles compared with the traditional processes. The machine have very sophisticated mechanics, a flexible seal setting, better drain and higher efficiency. This equipment is very limited in dimensions and operates with working cycles that, with the same final results, can be 8 times faster compared with a vibro-rotating machine and 24 times faster compared with a traditional vibrofinishing.

In addition to the range of products, extremely competitive both technically and economically, and a first class after-sales service, UNISIDA offer a superior technical/technological support to develop sales and guarantee a real time technical assistance service for the chemical products as well as for the equipments that are covered by several years warranty.