Wastewater Treatment Plants

The machine for water treatment proposed by Unisida is designed for the treatment of water resulting from surface treatment processing involving the use of high power centrifuges, and circular vibration equipment, including the use of polyester chips, porcelain-based polishing abrasives and pastes.
The plants for wastewater treatment range from vibrofinishing process and is possible their recirculation.
The plants are chemical-fisic treatment more fast comparable the traditional plants. After water treatment is possible to recuperate the water and additive. The plants for wastewater treatment here proposed are building in stain steel, is packedge, it's totally automatic, and is possible to treat 50 CM of wastwater for day.
The plants are very compact, and they occupy few square meter.
The dosing products is automatic and all phase of the process: loading, mixer, reaction, sedimentation, filtration water, throwing back of water, extraction sludge, dewatering sludge.